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These 10 Athletes Are Killing The Fashion Game Right Now

Posted on 21 April 2017


1. P.K. Subban - Hockey


P.K. is a star defenseman in the National Hockey League currently playing for the Nashville Predators. He is one of the NHL's most exciting players to watch and by far the player with the biggest personality. You can often see his outgoing personality reflect through his outfits. He wears velvet jackets, bold red suits, bow ties, hats and even mink bespoke jackets!


2. LeBron James - Basketball


LeBron James aka King James is a professional basketball player currently playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. As one of the most recognized names in Basketball, we can say LeBron is a master of all trades. His journey into fashion wasn't particularly easy but it seems that he finally managed to achieve the stylish look he has been looking for so much time. Now, you can see LeBron either with a long-ball peacocking or in a slam-dunk suit that he simply looks incredible.



3. Conor McGregor - UFC


Conor McGregor is a mixed martial artist and reigning UFC Lightweight Champion. Conor just has a zany taste for bespoke menswear. He is able to use the wildest colors with some metallic hues or simply a classic windowpane suit. One thing is for sure: he just loves his body and all this wardrobe is thought to show it. He just adores the fitment which allows him to remain stylish and not tacky.


4. David Beckham - Soccer


If we used to know David Beckham as one of the best England soccer players, it's also true that he has always been seen as a fashion icon. No matter if he is wearing a blue suit that tends to be dark blue or a more casual outfit like a leather jacket, he knows about style. He wears denim jackets, t-shirts that stay close but not too close to his body, shirts, and even so much different hats that simply look awesome on him.


5. Henrik Lundqvist - Hockey


When Henrik Lundqvist joined the New York Rangers back in 2005 at 23, it was very common to see him wearing skinny ties, skinny jeans, and European flair. The fact is that he has always had a thing for fashion and now, at 34 years old, he is finally recognized at it. Among the things he loves to wear are slim jackets. Besides the need that he still has to wear suits when he travels or on game days, he is just starting to get more old-school suits. However, when Henrik can, he just loves to wear jeans, boots and a leather jacket. Despite he stills like them tight, they're not so tight as they used to be.


6. Russell Westbrook - Basketball


The 6'3'' All-Star Russell Westbrook is able to explode toward the basket as no one else. And his clothes just follow the same principle. If there's one thing we can say about Russell's sense of fashion is that not many are able to be so bold like him. Russell loves t-shirts, skinny jeans, and all the thermals he can get to be used as layers. His entire wardrobe is simply distressed and casual.


7. Cristiano Ronaldo - Soccer


Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the well-paid and more successful soccer players of all time is also known for the clothing he wears. Following David Beckham, Cristiano launched his own clothing brand back in 2013, CR7. From the most casual outfits wearing a simple tight polo or shirt matched with a good pair of jeans to the most glamorous looks featuring a well-designed suit either with a tie or a bow, this man knows how to dress up.


8. Dwayne Wade - Basketball


During his 13 years in the league, Dwayne Wade, the Chicago Bulls shooting guard, has always been known on the court for his skills as well as off the court for his incredible stylish looks. Just as other players, Dwayne also has his own line of shirts, socks, and hats, D-Wade. One thing is for sure: he knows how to dress for every occasion. Wearing a suit without looking too formal or wearing casual clothing to look more formal isn't easy to do. But Dwayne shows us how to.


9. Cam Newton - Football


Cam Newton is considered as one of the best football players in the world after winning his first Super Bowl against the Denver Broncos. But while Cam makes a lot of headlines when he's on the field, he also makes them because of his choices regarding his clothes. From zebra pants to wearing a suit with a pair of loafers, or even wearing a hat that made him look like Harry Potter, he knows how to attract attention.


10. Matt Kemp - Baseball


The LA Dodgers center field Matt Kemp knows what is like to be a star either inside and outside of the field. With a great awareness about fashion as well as to what suits him best he is the first one to say to keep things simple. Matt loves to go shopping and look at clothes. Despite the fact that he has a stylist dress him, he knows what clothes suit him and what don’t. Matt loves to dress like a grown man.


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