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Top 10 Instagram Accounts for Men's Style Inspiration

Posted on 19 September 2017

There's some truth to the famous Picasso quote:

“Good artists copy; great artists steal”.

Now, there's no need to steal, but when it comes to men’s fashion there's nothing wrong with copying from the best and adding your own twist. So, we’ve put together a top ten list of some of our favorite Instagram accounts for inspiration. It was quite hard to narrow the list down to ten, but we feel these guys are doing it right and are fully dedicated to inspiring others.


Note that there's no ranking to the list. We love them all equally :)




It's only appropriate that Joey gets the number one spot on the list with that instagram handle. What we love about Joey's account is his simple and sophisticated style. He often wears a crisp white dress shirt with a nice tie and pocket square combo which is perfect for everyday style inspiration. He consistently uses a professional gray background which makes his outfits pop and his profile appealing to the eye. Definitely a dapper one worth following.



2. @dapperprofessional


Professionals know the importance of looking sharp on the job. Ben is a Corporate Finance Consultant and you just know he's always making great first impressions. Follow him and get inspired to dress for success!



3. @gasketraynes


Now Chris is the perfect example of expressing personality through style. When you follow him, you really get a feel for the type of guy he is. He finds a way to caption every photo in a funny/interesting way. Jokes, facts, stories, you name it. Although sometimes hard to follow, he is always entertaining! Browse his profile and witness boldness, bright colors, intricate patterns, and many pocket square folds. 



4. @thedapperjuan


Based in LA, Juan shares his love for fashion by documenting his many outfits. We really resonate with his motto: You don't have to spend thousands to look like a million. His collection of outfits is proof. By using accessories he takes his outfits to the next level. It's all in the details folks! 



5. @dapper.david


Dave is a menswear enthusiast who has mastered the art of looking good. Scroll through his profile and get inspired by all the dapperness. 



6. @runnineverlong


Matt's an IT professional who needed to look his best at work. So he decided to take his style to the next level and hasn't looked back. He is now turning heads at meetings and is even a brand ambassador. He is an inspiration to anyone who wants to upgrade their style by using accessories.



7. @meeeotch


We challenge you to look through Mitch's instagram feed and find an outfit that isn't on point. His bold outfit choices give you a sense of his fun personality and that's what style's all about. 



8. @businessformal


Don't know what to wear to work? Follow this guy! His feed has endless options for business formal outfits to inspire you. 



9. @thedressedchest


Rainier is a style master and word play wizard. Get inspired by his vast collection of outfits. You will find that he mixes and matches beautifully well. He even throws in a denim jacket or a bomber once in a while to switch things up. Goes to show how versatile a wardrobe can be. 



10. @that_dapper_chap


Craig is an award winning menswear blogger and brand ambassador. His account features a mix of gentleman lifestyle and fashion. You won't only find outfits, you will find everything from cars and whiskey to interior design to inspire you. We particularly love his classic british style. One that never seems to go out of fashion. 





There you have it. These guys know how to look good and are always up to date with current trends, making them the perfect gents to look to for style inspiration. If you are interested in more, we also curate the best style inspiration on our social media. So if you like our style, feel free to give us a follow! 



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  • Richard: July 25, 2020

    I like super sharp and high end looks. No bulky or frumpy looks with too much going on. Smart with a hint of originality. Look in my folder for fashion.

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