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The Ultimate List of Gentleman Watch Brands

Posted on 17 February 2018

This is by no means an exhaustive list or a list of the best brands, but simply a large list of over 100 brands that make beautiful watches suitable for gentlemen.


Since a wrist watch is an essential piece in a gentleman's wardrobe, we wanted to expose you to some great brands, from basic to luxury. Whether you wear a watch as a fashion statement or you see them as a collection item or investment, you will enjoy and admire the beauty and craftsmanship found in this line up. Who knows, this list may help you find your next watch. 


First up...




The Atlantic company was established in Switzerland in 1888 and has a history of high quality watchmaking and innovation. It was one of the first companies to produce waterproof chronographs. Today, Atlantic offers a wide selection of elegant high quality timepieces in the medium price range.


Price range: $250 to $4000





Sea-Gull is a chinese watch manufacturer founded in 1955. It is considered as the world's largest manufacturer of mechanical watch movements. Although there is a stigma associated with "Made in China", Sea-Gull is known as a high quality watchmaker with the skills and expertise to produce tourbillons and chronographs one can appreciate. 


Price range: $200 to $400


Seagull watch




Earnshaw is a Chinese watch manufacturer that got its name from the famous Thomas Earnshaw who is a British legend and pioneer in the field of watchmaking. Their timepieces are beautifully designed and affordable.


Price range: $150 to $750

Earnshaw Watch




This award winning watch brand was founded in England in 2002 by two brothers with a passion for aviation. Bremont offers some of the world’s most exceptional pilot watches. If you are looking for an aviation-inspired timepiece, look no further!


Price range: $3000 to $50,000





Founded in Japan in 1950, Orient specializes in the manufacture of mechanical watches. They're one of the few watch companies that actually manufacture their movements in-house. If you're looking for a quality timepiece to add to your collection, Orient is a great option. 


Price range: $80 to $1200

Orient Watch



Rolex is a luxury watchmaker founded in 1905 in London, England. In 1919, they moved their operation to Geneva and today they're one of the most popular Swiss watch companies in the world. Rolex watches have been worn by many world class gentlemen including James Bond, Steve McQueen, and Paul Newman to name a few.  


Price range: $1000 to $450,000


Rolex Watch




Timex is an American watch manufacturer founded in 1854 as the Waterbury Clock Company. The company has a fascinating story worth exploring. The brand has had to reinvent itself on several occasions making it the brand it is today; a producer of quality affordable timepieces.


Price range: $60 to $600




Jowissa LeWy Chronographs



Stowa is a German watch brand founded in 1927. They are well known for their pilot watches that were once produced for the German Air Force. The company offers a wide range of quality watches that can be worn for any occasion.


Price range: $600 to $10,000


Stowa Watch




Zeppelin is a German watch brand producing aviation inspired timepieces. Their classic designs combined with good quality and interesting prices make these watches a popular choice.


Price range: $200 to $2800





This company is headquartered in London, England and strive to honour the legendary watchmaker, James McCabe. Their collection of timepieces features some slick designs including skeleton watches at a decent price.


Price range: $200 to $450





Glashütte Original is a german watch brand founded in 1994. They are known for making exlcusive and exceptional timepieces producing no more than a few hundred pieces of any given model. If you're looking for something original, consider Glashutte. 


Price range: $650 to $100,000





Strela was founded by a russian engineer who was a watch collector himself. The first watches were manufactured in Moscow but today, they are produced in both Germany and Russia. Strela is headquarted in Munich, Germany and was the first watch to be worn in open space. Powered by russian movements, Strela's mechanical chronographs are reputable and can be purchased at a reasonable price.


Price range: $500 to $1200





Steinhart is a German watch company which was founded in 2001. Eventhough, Steinhart is headquartered in Augsburg, Germany, all the components of their watches come from Switzerland. Hence, the "swiss made" label on their timepieces. 


Price range: $500 to $1200





Sekonda is a British watch brand that was established in 1966. They started out offering mechanical watches made in Russia but have since moved the production to Hong Kong. Sekonda has gained a great reputation and has become the number one watch brand in the UK. Offering fashionable and quality watches at such a low cost, no wonder they have become so popular.


Price range: $30 to $120







Zodiac was founded in 1882 in Switzerland and is now owned by Fossil. Their collections feature sporty and military-inspired watches that remain fashionable.


Price range: $900 to $2700





Hublot is a luxury watch manufacturer located in Nyon, Switzerland. The compay was founded in 1980 by Italian Carlo Crocco who had a vision to combine italian design and swiss craftsmanship. Hublot is recognized worldwide for creating the first natural rubber strap and their ability to innovate. Their watches are truly unique with their "porthole" looking case and titanium screws. 


Price range: $3000 to $300,000





Raymond Weil is a swiss luxury watchmaker founded in 1976. The Geneva-based brand is one of the few Swiss watchmakers that is still family owned. 


Price range: $400 to $15,000





Longines was established in 1832 and is based in Saint-Imier, Switzerland. The brand has a rich history with years of experience as a timekeeper for world championships. They're famous for the elegance of their timepieces and great craftmanship.


Price range: $400 to $16,500



19. ORIS


Oris is an independent Swiss luxury watch manufacturer. The company was founded in 1904 and specialize in making innovative and traditional mechanical watches. They are well-known for their signature Red Rotor, which you can find at the back of the crystal case. 


Price range: $600 to $11,500





Alpina is a luxury watchmaker based in Geneva, Switzerland. The company was founded in 1883 and specialize in quallity sport watches built to withstand the toughest of environments. 


Price range: $500 to $6000





Brathwait is an Americain watch brand founded in 2014. The company prides itself by being a transparent watchmaker, offering elegant timepieces without luxury markups. 


Price range: $100 to $600





Heritor is an American watch brand striving to make timepieces that can be passed on from generation to generation. Their designs are inspired by history where craftmanship and artistry can be found.


Price range: $600 to $2000





Frederique Constant is a luxury watchmaker based in Geneva and was established in 1988. They've gained a reputation of being one of Switzerland’s leading watch brands, thanks to elegant designs and craftsmanship. What is great about this brand is that they pride themselves on making luxury watches that are affordable. So you and I can enjoy the sweet smell of success.


Price range: $250 to $50,000





Hamilton is swiss-made watch company founded in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Their watches have been featured in over 300 hollywood movies including The Martian, Men in Black, Lethal Weapon 4, Independence Day, and Die Hard. In 2003, Hamilton moved their operations and headquarter to Biel, Switzerland. The brand has a rich heritage that includes railroad, aviation and military roots. 


Price range: $200 to $6000





Jaeger-LeCoultre is a Swiss luxury watch and clock manufacturer founded in 1833. With hundreds of inventions and one of the world’s most complicated wristwatches, Jaeger-LeCoultre is considered one of the most prestigious watch brands.


Price range: $2000 to $1.6M





Fossil is an American fashion brand founded in 1984 in Texas. The first Fossil brand watches were introduced in 1985 and is now the fourth largest watch company in the world. Fossil currently owns watch brands Skagen and Zodiac.


Price range: $100 to $400





Innovation, artistry, and exclusivity are a few words to describe the Swiss watchmaking brand. Richard Mille has become a dominant player in the watchh industry making unique, futuristic, and racecar-inspired watches. You can find a Richard Mille on the wrist of such world-class gentlemen as Rafael Nadal and Bubba Watson.


Price range: $40,000 to $700,000





Calvin Klein is an American fashion brand based in New York City. If you are looking for minimalist and elegant watches, Calvin Klein is a good choice.


Price range: $100 to $700





The inventor of the Swiss Army Knife, Victorinox, was founded 1884 and started producing Swiss Army watches in 1989. You can expect durable, reliable and reasonably priced timepieces from Victorinox. 


Price range: $100 to $3000





Bulova in an American watch manufacturer founded in 1875 in New York City. Bulova is a respected brand, making innovative and exceptionally designed watches for more than 140 years.  


Price range: $100 to $5000





Tissot is a well-known Swiss watchmaker founded in 1853. The brand has a reputation of making high quality watches with reasonable prices. 


Price range: $150 to $5500



32. REC


REC is a Danish watch company with a unique approach to watchmaking. Every timepiece they make uses recycled iconic parts. Some of their coolest watches feature recycled parts from cars like Ford Mustangs and Porsches.


Price range: $350 to $1700





De Bethune is a luxury Swiss watch brand founded in 2002. Focused on research and development, De Bethune has claimed 17 world-firsts, developed 15 original calibres and filed nine patents. With their motto being "not more, but better", the brand turns every watch into gold.


Price range: $25,000 to $180,000





Harry Winston is an American luxury jeweler and producer of Swiss-made watches. The company was founded in 1932 in New York City and started making watches in 1989. Their luxury timepieces are innovative and beautifully designed.  


Price range: $8000 to $550,000





Arnold & Son was established in 1764 in England and was reborn as a Swiss brand in 1995. The company was named in honor of John Arnold – a legendary British watchmaker who once produced timepieces for King George III. Their collections are reflective of British designs with elegance and sophistication.


Price range: $3000 to $200,000





Minerva is a Swiss watch manufacturer established in 1858. Committed to its roots, Minerva uses traditional production methods and only makes about 250 watches a year. The authenticity of their watches make them a great collectors item.


Price range: $2500 to $15,000





Sarpaneva was created by Stepan Sarpaneva who studied watchmaking in Finland and Switzerland. Having studied with some of the greats, he mastered the craft of producing complicated timepieces. Each watch is uniquely designed and made to last a lifetime.


Price range: $13,000 to $18,000





Czapek is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer founded in 1845 in Geneva. The brand was forgotten for some time then was re-established in 2012. Before the company's inception, the founder, François Czapek, was partner with Antoni Patek of Patek Philippe. Today, Czapek is recognized by watch connoisseurs as a quality brand making exceptional timepieces.


Price range: $15,000 to $100,000





Leroy is a French luxury watch manufacturer founded in Paris in 1785. With over 230 years of history, this brand excels at making tradition watches with timeless designs.


Price range: $35,000 to $120,000





Known for their luxury pens, Montblanc is a German luxury brand founded in 1906. They manutfacture pens, watches, jewellery and leather goods. Montblanc watches are swiss-made and of great calibre.


Price range: $800 to $300,000





Hermes is a French high fashion brand founded in Paris in 1837. They started by selling bags and wallets, then introduced their first watches in the 1920s. In 1978, they opened production facilities in Switzerland. Today, their watches are swiss-made and represent elegance and sophistication.


Price range: $1500 to $40,000





Zeitwinkel is a relatively new brand established in 2006 in Switzerland. They make high-quality Swiss watches with in-house movements. If you are looking for something different, consider Zeitwinkel watches.


Price range: $6500 to $13,500





Speake-Marin is a high-end Swiss watchmaking company that was established in 2002 by English watchmaker Peter Speake-Marin. His watches typically feature a classic English style with Roman numerals.


Price range: $6800 to $45,000





F.P. Journe is a Swiss high-end watchmaker founded in 1999. Building everything in-house, F.P. Journe takes the art of fine watchmaking very seriously. This makes for innovative and creative timpieces that are as beautiful as a piece of art.


Price range: $13,500 to $140,000





Philippe Dufour is an independent Swiss watchmaker. He is one of the most respected and talented watchmakers today. He produces his masterpieces in his workshop with the help of his daughter and an assistant and makes almost all watch parts by hand.


Price range: $90,000 to $650,000





Watchmaking has been a Haldimann family tradition since the 1640s, but today, Beat Haldimann is the master behind each beautifully crafted timepeice. He builds them by hand in his atelier in Thun, Switzerland.


Price range: $30,000 to $1.3M





The brand was establish in Geneva in 1755 and is the oldest watch manufacturer in the world, having been in continuous operation since their inception. Their watches have been worn by Napoleon Bonaparte, Pope Pius XI and Harry Truman to name a few. Loved by watch connoisseurs and collectors alike, Vacheron Constantin makes some of the most complicated and beautifully designed watches. 


Price range: $3000 to $1.5M





Established in 2002, Voutilainen is a high-end Swiss brand started by Finnish watchmaker, Kari Voutilainen. He is considered as one of the greats only making about 50 watches a year. If you're fortunate enough to own one, you'll have your hands one quality piece that will last generations.


Price range: $70,000 to $100,000





A. Lange & Sohne is a German watch brand established in 1845. They produce some of the finest mechanical watches in the world, using rich materials like gold, platinum, or silver. 


Price range: $11,000 to $350,000





Seiko is a reputable Japanese watch brand founded in 1881. They have several firsts including the world's first quartz watch and chronograph quartz watch. If you are looking for an affordable and quality mechanical watch, Seiko is a great option. 


Price range: $100 to $15,000





Two brothers from the Netherlands are behind this amazing brand. After training and gaining professional watchmaking experience in Switzerland, they began making their own watches in 2008.


Price range: $50,000 to $160,000





Habring is an Austrian watch manufacturer founded in 2004 by a talented couple making all their watches by hand. With Habring, you can find independent watchmaker quality at a low price.  


Price range: $5000 to $10,000





This Swiss luxury watchmaking company was founded in 1846. The company is known in the nautical world for manufacturing highly accurate marine chronometers and complicated timepieces. If you’re looking for a diver or sea-inspired watch, Ulysse Nardin has some excellent options.  


Price range: $2500 to $80,000





Bell & Ross, launched back in 1992, is a French company that is mostly known for producing high-quality tool watches for divers, pilots, astronauts, and even mine clearance experts. While at the beginning of the company the watches were made by Sinn Watches, a German watchmaker, this partnership ended in 2002. While the headquarters are still in Paris, the production is made in Switzerland.


Price range: $1200 to $100,000



55. H. MOSER & CIE


Moser & Cie is a family-run business in Switzerland. The company began back in 1828 when Heinrich Moser decided to establish a small watch factory. However, he had to emigrate to St. Petersburg, Russia to do it. At the time, the company's name was H. Moser & Co. Today, the H. Moser & Cie is run by his great-grandson and all their watches are built and finished by hand.


Price range: $4000 to $60,000





The luxury swiss brand was founded in 1894 and is known for producing whole watches with in-house movements. You can always count on Universal Geneve to deliver a top quality watch with impeccable craftsmanship. 


Price range: $500 to $30,000





Junghans began its activity two centuries ago, in 1861 to be more precise. Based in Schramberg, Germany, this is where they remain up until now. The main principle that drives the company ever since the beginning is to make a blend of the traditional workmanship with the last technology, and an amazing design.


Price range: $350 to $13,000



58. IWC


IWC (International Watch Company) is a Swiss watch manufacturer that was launched back in 1868 in Schaffhausen. Founded by an American engineer from Boston, IWC got the help of qualified Swiss watchmakers as well as of modern technology to appear. The founder of the company eventually decided to go back to the USA and the Rauschenbachs took over. Today, IWC is mostly known for their Pilot line of watches.


Price range: $2000 to $250,000





Cartier is one of the largest jewelry companies in the world. Founded back in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier, him and his two brothers worked all their lives to build the business as we see it today. Louis Cartier, one of the brothers, was the one responsible for Cartier's design. The brand emerged when royalty and public figures started to recommend the brand. Cartier watches can be found from LeCoultre, Movado, Audemars Piguet, and Vacheron Constantin.


Price range: $1500 to $650,000





Founded more than 150 years ago, Omega is a Swiss luxury watchmaker that is based in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland and is owned by the Swatch Group. With a long history, they have been known to be the first watch on the Moon in 1969, and as the official timekeeper for both Britain's Royal Flying Corps and the American Army in 1917 and 1918, respectively.


Price range: $3000 to $95,000





Breitling, another Swiss watchmaker, is based in Grenchen, Switzerland. Founded in Saint-Imier by Léon Breitling, in 1884, Breitling is mostly known for their accurate precision of chronometers used by aviators. In fact, Breitling is one of the few companies who develops and manufactures all their products in their own workshops.


Price range: $1000 to $60,000





With almost 180 years of history, Patek Philippe is the last family-owned watch manufacture in Geneva. Considered by many experts as one of the most prestigious manufacturers, Patek Philippe both designs and manufactures some of the most complicated mechanical watches. While Antoni Patek began his company in 1839 with a partner, in 1845 the partnership ended and he joined Adrien Philippe, a French watchmaker.


Price range: $5000 to $4.8M





Audemars Piguet is another Swiss manufacturer that was founded back in 1875. The founders, Jules Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piguet, were already watchmakers and decided to specialize in different aspects so they could complement each other. The result can be seen up until today with every single collection showing their own personality.


Price range: $6000 to $1.7M<





Founded back in 1860 as Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG in Switzerland, this  company designs, manufactures, and markets luxury watches. In 1985, when the TAG Group bought a majority stake, TAG Heuer company was formed. The TAG Heuer slogan is "Swiss Avant-Garde Since 1860". The name of the company resulted from the combination of the slogan and the name of the founder of the company.


Price range: $800 to $80,000





In 1860, Giovanni Panerai opened the first watchmaking school in Florence as well as his first watchmaker shop. While the headquarters of the company remains in Florence, the watches are manufactured in Neuchâtel, in Switzerland. Panerai is mostly known for having produced the first professional diving watches.


Price range: $3000 to $500,000





This luxury watch brand was founded in 1882 in Havana, Cuba and is one of the only watch brands with a genuine Latin heritage. Today, Cuervo y Sobrinos watches are manufactured in Switzerland but their designs stay true to Havana’s golden years evoking a flamboyant and legendary way of life.


Price range: $2000 to over $100k





The Stockholm-based watch brand was founded in 2013 with a mission to create affordable and beautifully designed watches that look expensive. By drawing inspiration from the beautiful French Riviera, Corniche has successfully designed timeless and elegant watches that the masses can enjoy.


Price range: $250 to $455





This Swiss watch brand was founded in 1946 specializing in professional dive watches. Squale watches are assembled and produced by master-watchmakers in Switzerland providing robust and reliable watches to meet the highest demands of world class divers.


Price range: $300 to $6000





Girard-Perregaux is one of the few authentic Swiss manufacturers that are still active. Constantin Othenin Girard founded Girard & Cie in 1852 and only 2 years later, he married Marie Perregaux. At the time, Constantin started a collaboration with Henri Perregaux and the Girard-Perregaux emerged in 1856. Ever since the beginning, the company has always strived for providing the highest quality of the mechanical watch.


Price range: $1000 to $350,000





Founded in 1874 by Georges Piaget, Piaget is a Swiss luxury watchmaker owned by the Swiss Richemont group. While they were only specialized in the design and production of watch movements during the first years, in the 1960s the company decided to launch a new collection of jewelry watches. The founder's motto, which continues to be followed, was "Always do better than necessary."


Price range: $3000 to $550,000





Founded in 2013 in Dallas, Texas, Jack Mason is a partnership between two friends who had a lot of experience in the retail industry. Focusing on both watches and leather goods, their watches mix contemporary design with classic American influences.


Price range: $175 to $600



72. AVI-8


AVI-8 is a company that was recently launched with the aim to make high-quality pilot watches that can be worn by all individuals. While these kind of watches are overcomplicated, the truth is that AVI-8 is able to make them functional, accessible, and beautiful.


Price range: $150 to $700





Triwa (Transforming The Industry of Watches) was founded in 2007 by a group of four friends. Their main goal is to end the tradition and status in this industry and have their own watches designed with a combination of the contemporary Scandinavian simplicity and the classic silhouettes. The motto of the company remains - "only produce the products we want to wear ourselves."


Price range: $150 to $650





Founded in 1830 in Switzerland, Baume & Mercier has earned an excellent reputation by making impressive watches with cutting-edge innovations. Their motto is “Accept only perfection, only manufacture watches of the highest quality” and they do everything to stay true to it.


Price range: $600 to $25,000





The Swiss luxury watchmaker is world-famous for creating exclusive timepieces with complicated movements and original designs. You can find a Franck Muller watch on many celebrities like Kanye West, Elton John, 50 Cent, and Cristiano Ronaldo.


Price range: $2000 to over $100k





Founded in 1989 in Skagen, Skagen is a husband and wife company (Henrik and Charlotte Jorst) in Denmark. At the time, they noticed that there was a market for streamlined, uncluttered, and clean watches. And they were right. Even though they also use high-quality and expensive materials on their watches, their design abilities are extraordinary.


Price range: $100 to $350





Just two years short of retirement, Laurent Ferrier decided to leave Patek Philippe in Geneva to make his own watch brand. He has always had a vision for unique watches and he succeeded. He gathered a team of watchmakers and they do all the watches by hand. Just to give you an idea, there are years where they make only 100 watches.


Price range: $34,000 to $150,000





Citizen is based in Tokyo, Japan, and was founded in 1918. It is one of the biggest producers of watches in the world. Citizen is known for having invented atomic timekeeping watches as well as eco-drive watches that include solar power batteries.


Price range: $80 to $3500



79. SINN


Sinn was founded back in 1961, in Frankfurt, by a pilot and flight instructor. As it sometimes happens, Helmut Sinn was looking for a good pilot watch and he wasn't able to find one to suit his needs. So, he decided to create his own. However, the idea didn't stop there. He made sure that he sold directly to consumers, avoiding the middlemen.


Price range: $850 to $18,000





With more than 60 years of history, Glycine is a famous Swiss wristwatch manufacturer that became known in the early 1950s. The reason was simple: they introduced their 24-hour watch - the Airman model, that was going to be used by commercial and military pilots, as well as by the United States Air Force pilots during the Vietnam War.


Price range: $250 to $11,500





Founded in 2009, Techné is the Ancient Greek word for "technique". The main goal of the company is to make all their watches for the adventurous, self-reliant, and bold individual. The truth is that their watches tend to perfectly combine some throwback with modern elements.


Price range: $150 to $350





Founded in 1868, Zeno-Watch is a Swiss watchmaker that is specialized in aviation watches. Ever since 1999, Zeno-Watch has also been producing diving watches that are currently used by the Swiss Army.


Price range: $150 to $95,000



83. EDOX


Edox was founded by Christian Ruefli-Flury in 1884 in Biel/Bienne. This Swiss luxury wristwatch manufacturer has its factory in Les Genevez. There, it is possible to find the most modern equipment as well as skilled Swiss watchmakers.


Price range: $200 to $20,000





Founded in 2004, Greubel Forsey is based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. This is the result of a partnership between Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey that have the goal of improving the performance of existing complications as well as inventing innovative mechanisms. The company has already been awarded multiple times.


Price range: $180,000 to $900,000





Junkers is a German watch company that produces both chronographs as well as pilot watches. While all the components come from luxurious manufacturers, the final assembly is done by them only. While their products are high-quality, they are sold at affordable prices.


Price range: $200 to $2800





Van Der Bauwede was founded in 1990 in Geneva, Switzerland, this watch manufacturer has a long history already. It all started back in 1890 when Alexis Van Der Bauwede started to manufacture watches in Brussels, Belgium. The company has passed from generation to generation.


Price range: $300 to $40,000



87. RGM


RGM was founded by an American watchmaker, Roland G. Murphy, in 1992. His interest in this industry started when he was still in high school and he took several courses and training both in the United States and in Switzerland. The result is unique watches such as the Caliber 801 as well as the Pennsylvania Tourbillon. RGM's goal is to combine hand-operated and antique machinery with modern manufacturing.


Price range: $2000 to $100,000





Manfred Brassler, a self-taught jeweler, founded MeisterSinger in 2001 in Münster, Germany. With the creation of higher-end mechanical timepieces in mind, the founder makes both automatic and manual wound watches. Throughout the years, the company has been evolving and launching more complex models.


Price range: $500 to $18,000





Based in Dresden, Germany, Lang & Heyne was founded in 2001 by two friends - Marco Lang and Mirko Heyne. While the partnership ended in 2003, Heyne continued with the company and he manufactures extremely exclusive watches.


Price range: $25,000 to $70,000



90. MIDO


Founded in 1918 in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, Mido was created by George G. Schaeren. Recognized as one of the best producers of certified chronometers, Mido had their watches produced in the shape of radiator grills on several brands such as Ford, Fiat, Bugatti, Buick, Hispano-Suiza, Excelsior, among others.


Price range: $400 to $3000





As a huge fan of Omega watches, Hubert Pellikaan could no longer see the amazing design that used to be present on Omega, Rolex, and even Panerai watches. So in 2008, he decided he wanted to develop his own watch and the watch was born in 2009.


Price range: $1000 to $3500





Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Magrette is inspired by the divers of the 1970s as well as the military watches of the 1940s. Founded in 2009, the company launched their first watch called Moana Pacific. Overall, they aim to create watches that are timeless, elegant, detailed, and well built. 


Price range: $500 to $5500





Founded only in 2012, the G. Gerlach is composed by a group of Polish watch collectors that wanted to produce a watch they would wear and, at the same time, support their country manufacturing as well as celebrate the country's history.


Price range: $300 to $450





Launched only in 2004 in the UK, Christopher Ward is a luxury watch company founded by Chris Ward, Peter Ellis, and Mike France. All the company's watches are designed in England but they are manufactured in Switzerland. Christopher Ward was the first company who only sold online, directly to the consumer.


Price range: $400 to $1200





Auguste Reymond is a Swiss watch manufacturer with a long history. Founded in 1906, the company is mostly known for two of their product lines: the "Braille watches" and their digital watches with "jumping hour".


Price range: $450 to $6500





Founded in California, Xetum is a modern watch company. All the watches produced are a perfect blend between the Swiss craftsmanship and precision and California's modern design. The result is clean and modern watches that attract everyone.


Price range: $500 to $1500


Xetum Watch




Founded in 1990 in Germany by Roland Schwertner, Nomos Glashutte is responsible for creating modern watches inspired by the Bauhaus purist style. During the first years, the main goal of the company was to produce mechanical watches with hand-wound movements.


Price range: $900 to $17,500


Nomos Watch




Back in 1936, Nivrel was founded as a trading brand of the Jura company. However, in 1993, Gitta and Gerd Hofer bought their rights and have been using the name to create their own watches made in Germany. With a sober appearance, the Nivrel watches are fairly priced and have a stylistic appearance.


Price range: $1000 to $50,000


Nivrel Watch




Founded in 1983 in Lucerne, Switzerland, by Gerd R. Lang, Chronoswiss had the mission to create the most amazing mechanical timepieces. With this company, the founder got a lot of experience in manufacturing movements for other bigger brands.


Price range: $800 to $50,000


Chronoswiss Watch


100. 88 RUE DU RHONE


88 Rue Du Rhone is a Swiss independent brand of watches launched in 2012 by Elie and Pierre Bernheim, grandsons of the famous Swiss watchmaker Raymond Weil. They produce their watch collections in La Chaux-de-Fonds.


Price range: $200 to $1500


88 Rue du rhone watch




Zenith is a Swiss luxury watchmaker founded in 1865 in Le Locle, Neuchâtel. The founder was only 22 years old at the time, Georges Favre-Jacob wanted to produce the most reliable and accurate watches. Zenith is mostly known for having been the first to have developed a high-frequency automatic chronograph that was powered by the legendary El Primero, in 1969.


Price range: $350 to $350,000


Zenith Watch


102. TUDOR


Founded by Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex SA in 1926 in Geneva, Tudor is a high-quality wrist watch manufacturer. At the time, he wanted to build a watch brand that was more affordable than Rolex. Tudor is mostly known for having produced watched for the military and professional divers. Some of the elite forces who used their Tudor Submariners include the French Marine Nationale and the US SEALs.


Price range: $900 to $8500


Tudor Watch




In 1775, Abraham-Louis Breguet founded Breguet in Paris, France. However, as a Swiss manufacturer, all Breguet watches were manufactured in the Vallée de Joux, in Switzerland. While the company is now a part of The Swatch Group since 1999, Breguet became known for being the pioneer of many different technologies including the famous tourbillon. Breguet was also the first brand to produce the first wristwatch back in 1810.


Price range: $2000 to $725,000


Breguet Watch




Founded in 1881 in Switzerland, Movado is one of the most well-known Swiss watch brands. They have registered more than 100 patents and have got over 200 international awards for their designs. Movado is famous for their long-lasting designs as well as for the quality of their products up until today.


Price range: $100 to $12,000


Movado Watch




Louis Erard was founded in Switzerland in 1931 with the goal of producing high-quality watches with the best craftsmanship and artistry. Along the years, the brand has been integrating more contemporary and classic designs and have been quite well accepted. In order to reach more consumers and make their brand more recognizable, they started having a luxurious line of watches that can be bought at more accessible prices.


Price range $200 to $50,000


Louis Erard watch




Founded in 1735 in Villeret, Switzerland by Jehan-Jacques Blancpain, Blancpain designs, manufactures, distributes, and sells luxurious Swiss watches. Every single Blancpain is made by only one watchmaker and they are only able to produce 30 watches a day. Blancpain is mostly known for having built one of the most complicated mechanical watches, the Blancpain 1735, for their Fifty-Fathoms watch which was worn by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and used by the US Navy.


Price range: $5000 to $175,000


Blancpain watch




Founded by Nicholas Hayek in 1983, Swatch is a Swiss watchmaker and is a subsidiary of The Swatch Group. Their main goal was to make watches that could be seen as disposable and casual accessories. The brand was launched as a response to the 1970s crisis of the quartz.


Price range: $70 to $3600


Swatch Watch Blue Dial




Founded in 1745 in Denmark, soon Urban Jurgensen reached a high interest of aficionados. In fact, the brand has been producing chronometers since 1773. They have always used practical working methods and new theoretical findings which led to their recognition in both Denmark and Switzerland. Peter Baumberger took over the company in 1979 and the standards level was incredibly high. They are mostly known by their Chronometer P8 "with detent escapement".


Price range: $15,000 to $800,000


Urban Jurgensen watch




Founded in 1961, Maurice Lacroix has its headquarters in Zurich but the watches are produced in the Canton of Jura. While at the beginning they used different brand names, in 1975 they launched the first Maurice Lacroix watch in Austria. In the following year, they did the same for the Spanish market. With all their success, in 2001 Maurice Lacroix SA was created as a unique entity to continue to produce beautiful and accurate watches that were sold at affordable prices.


Price range: $350 to $20,000


Maurice Lacroix Moonphase watch




Founded in 1888 under the name of Kurth Frères SA in Grenchen by two brothers, they started by designing wristwatches for women. In 1938, the company with already 250 employees changes its name to Certina. This allowed the wanted internationalization of the brand.


111. EPOCH


Epoch is a Swedish watch brand founded in 2004 and makes classic and elegant watches which are inspired by the Scandinavian design ideals. Epoch Stockholm is all about tradition and focuses on watches that can be worn for all occasions in life – from every day to parties and more dressed-up occasions.  Epoch also works together with the best Swiss movement-makers, and choose movements after careful tests.

Epoch Stockholm has had the honor of manufacturing a custom watch on the request of the Royal house of Sweden for Crown princess Victoria.
All in all, Epoch’s watches are very much inspired by tradition and shaped by Scandinavia and can be worn on any occasion.
Price Range: $950 to $3500


112. HALDA


Halda was founded in 1887 by Henning Hammarlund in Sweden.

Hammarlund set out to manufacture the best watch money could by, and had a vision of never compromising. His stubbornness and ambitions resulted in great success for Halda.

In 1897 His Majesty, King Oscar II of Sweden was presented with a unique Halda timepiece, and in 1883, Halda received a gold medal at the world exhibition in Chicago, competing with some of the world’s best watchmakers at the time for its advanced watches that were true pieces of craftsmanship.

In 2009, Halda was resurrected by entrepreneur and engineer Mikael Sandström after many decades of sleep, and after having been split up in many different companies. In modern times, Halda makes watches that are built on a patented and unique interchangeable concept, which means having a platform with a strap/bracelet and interchangeable modules, which allows the wearer to change modules and thus functions and the look of the watch in a matter of seconds.
Price Range: $7000 to $180,000


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  • Stuart: December 28, 2019

    What about Lonville

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    I saw one comment on the Shinola brand, but none on Richard Mille? I was surprised that name was left off the list. With big names like Rafa Nadal and Bubba Watson wearing them.

  • David: November 17, 2019

    Awesome products. Can someone kind donate to me one classic watch?

  • Stephi : May 19, 2019

    More Mühle Glashütte for Gentlemen. Swatch is just for Boys…

  • T.Szab: April 09, 2019

    Casio? Q&Q? Police? G Shock?

  • Will @ Patyrns: April 05, 2019

    @The Thus: Thanks!

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    Nice & Great List

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    Thanks for the huge list of brands,
    I would appreciate to find Ulysse Nardin but also new brands like Reservoir or BRM

  • Will @ Patyrns: October 10, 2018

    @Panamajeff: Definitely an omission on our part! Beautiful watches, especially the vintage ones :)

  • Panamajeff: October 10, 2018

    What are your thought on Cuervo y Sobrinos watches? Specifically the ones that were assembled in Havana, Cuba between the turn of the century up until the 1940’s?

  • Alex: September 07, 2018

    What about Atlantic? I like it

  • Will @ Patyrns: September 03, 2018

    @Steven Childers
    Thanks for the comment! Personally not a fan of their designs but great watches nevertheless :)

  • Steven Childers: September 03, 2018

    Your thoughts on U Boat?

  • Watchinski: August 31, 2018

    Panerai designed and made by Rolex?! ;-) There WAS once a watch with a Rolex movement …

  • Will @ Patyrns: August 21, 2018

    @Dave Catalano: Squale is definitely on our radar, just haven’t added it to the list yet. Cheers!

  • Will @ Patyrns: August 21, 2018

    @Maciej: We got the prices from The low end is for used but we should probably increase it as it is misleading. Thanks for the comment!

  • Maciej: August 21, 2018

    Guys, Omega from $500? Rolex from $800? Where? I want 2 :)

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    Why not Squale. Great designs, and great workmanship

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