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The Gentleman's Guide to Casual Fridays

Posted on 22 August 2018

Who doesn't get excited when Friday comes around? Friday means the weekend is just around the corner and that is already a reason to celebrate. Fridays mean less stress and nervousness while you get ready for the weekend. But, that's no reason to slack on your style. As a gentleman, you should dress well every day.


There is a difference between the style of an ordinary man and a gentleman. A gentleman remains classy and never compromises style. But, that doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit and tie. 


Fridays are a free pass to wear something more relaxed. But don't be so quick to wear your favorite jeans and t-shirt. There is actually a certain "gentleman dress code" for dress-down Fridays that we are about to explain. We call it: The Gentleman’s Guide to Casual Fridays. You will look professional, stylish and youthful at the same time.


As we mentioned above, the usual gentleman outfit implies a tailored suit, elegant tie, pocket square, and some classy shoes. This can sound a little uptight, right? Being a gentleman doesn’t have to mean looking dead serious all the time. Contrary, you can be one with a casual style that also leaves a good impression. On top of that, comfort should always be on your list of priorities.



What should you avoid?


Blue jeans are not recommended if you want to achieve a gentleman style in a professional setting. You should also avoid sports apparel. So, no trainers, sneakers, sweat suits, shorts, and similar pieces.


Now the question is, what SHOULD you wear?


Here are our picks for casual friday outfits:



As you can see, a good blazer or sport coat is definitely something you need. Tweed or wool is recommended for the winter and autumn style. For the warmer seasons, a linen blazer is a must! 



When we talk about pants, chinos are a great pick. They're less formal than dress pants and more formal than jeans, so perfect when you want to dress down an otherwise formal outfit. Many will wear them in the summer because they're often made of lightweight cotton and are comfortable to wear.



It’s always better to pick a collared shirt rather than a plain shirt, especially in a professional setting. We recommend a dress shirt or polo shirt. These types of shirts can look both relaxed and professional, and depending on your personal style, you can even wear a shirt with a fun print like the ones below: 



Shoes are equally as important as the rest of the outfit. So, as we mentioned above, lace-ups are more formal. Wear them for the rest of the working week. For Friday, pick loafers or some brown wing-tips. We like a nice pair of penny loafers. A good pair of shoes can do miracles. Research has been conducted about shoes, and they are on the top 7 list of things women notice about a man ;)




On Casual Friday, ties can be omitted. Yaaaay! Right? Yup, take a rest from the tie till Monday. The mentioned collared shirt or even a turtleneck will solve the no-tie problem. However, since you are dressing down with no tie, adding a pocket square to the outfit will refine your style.


Extra tip: Never wear clothes that are too tight or revealing. A gentleman is both comfortable and stylish.


Last words


As you can see, a gentleman takes his style seriously. Even on casual fridays, he makes sure he stays professional and dapper. What is your go-to business casual outfit?




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  • Thomas Adarkwah: April 10, 2020

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