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Style Tips & Tricks From Men's Fashion Influencers

Posted on 17 November 2017

Do you want to know the secrets of some of the most stylish men?


If you are looking to improve your style, just getting started with men’s style or simply want to get some inside information on how the influencers do it - look no further!


We have put together the best tips and tricks we collected from reputable menswear influencers.


We asked them “What style tips or tricks would you give to men interested in menswear?”


This is what they answered:




"If there is one thing that has the potential to ruin a nice dress shirt for me, that is a sloppy collar. You know, the type that slides down and disappears under your jacket or those that simply have no body to them to stand tall.


Of course, there are a few of those in my shirt collection, but that doesn't mean that I have to throw them away or leave them for all eternity hanging in my closet, they actually get quite a lot of action.


My secret?


Metal collar stays: they are sturdy and provide a nicer stance than regular plastic collar stays. Place them inside your collar's underside pocket and adjust the collar to your taste.


For the dapper man willing to go one step further in looking for the ultimate solution to a sloppy dress shirt collar: magnetic collar stays.


An improvement on metal stays they come with a small magnet that allows the wearer to place the collar in whatever stance they prefer.


They are a must in my wardrobe and an easy hack that I always feel compelled to share."




"One of my key accessories are shirt garters. They always keep your shirt tucked in and prevent your socks from sliding down. I pretty much wear them 90% of the time!"




"If you are wearing a stick lapel pin, do not show the tip on the outside of the blazer. Instead hide it behind the lapel."


"For a cleaner dress shoe look, change your shoe lace knot game up so it's hidden within your shoe."


"If you struggle with coordinating colors, use sports team colors as a reference to get ideas"





What is the best outfit?

"I believe that this is a really important tip that I always try to consider: The best outfit is the most innovative one."




Something to keep in mind when purchasing off the rack

"Fit is one of the most important things and something most people have trouble with. Whatever size you think you are, you're probably one or two sizes smaller."




"Compliment colors and don't match them. You want your outfit pieces to enhance each other and not blend in, otherwise it can look too monochrome and something you bought from a store (unless you want that look). So try having slightly different shades of a color when combining your shirt and tie or pocket square. And always remember to keep your outfit simple, that is key!"




"Don't be afraid to step out the box with a bolder suit. The key to wearing one is toning down the accessories and simply wearing a white dress shirt."




"Pocket squares should always be a complement to the outfit, and if you want to match it, match it to the shirt and not the tie."


"Tie width should generally match the width of the lapels"


"The key to a well fitted suit is to have it tailored after you buy it, or of course have it custom made."


"New to the suit game? Solid navy and solid grey should be the start of your wardrobe."


"When putting an outfit together...two patterns tops, the rest should be solid. Too many patterns can clash and look too loud."


"Add a tie dimple to your ties for a 3D texture."


"Use a dryer sheet to remove deodorant marks on your shirts."


"Dry clean your suit only 1-2 times per year and only have them press it. Excessive dry cleaning can ruin the suit."


"Always dry clean your dress shirts without starch. Starch can take the life out of a shirt."


"Always leave the bottom button of your suit jacket and vest open."




"When styling a patterned article of clothing in your outfit (gingham, window pane, glen plaid, etc. be sure to coordinate a fair amount of balance by subduing the pattern with solids for a more conservative look. For example, if you decide to wear a window pane blazer you'd want to pair that with a solid colored dress shirt."




"One thing that I always try and accomplish with each of my looks is to make sure at least three of my details coordinate with each other in some way. Meaning three of the elements of my looks will have the same color in it, be it a main color or an accent in a detail."




"To get the most out of your shoes, I highly recommend using cedar shoe trees. This holds the leather's shape and also provides mild odor absorption."


"If you forgot a shoe horn or do not own a travel shoe horn, then I would suggest using the paper key cardholder that your room key comes in. Just slide it against the heal inside your shoe then put your shoe on."


"If you own a pair of leather dress shoes that are your absolute favorite pair, then I would highly recommend going to your local shoe repair and asking them to put on heal and toe taps (guards). This will help prevent the heal and toe areas of the shoe from wearing quickly. I honestly think it has increased the heal and sole longevity by as much as 50%."




"One thing that works for me when packing for travel, I fold my blazers inside out. It actually helps to minimize wrinkles"



Hope you learned a thing or two and that these tips will help you improve your style or make your life easier. If you have any style tips or hacks you'd like to share, we'd love to hear from you. Feel free to drop a comment below! Keep it dapper folks!




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  • Chris Harrison: November 03, 2019

    I never had such great words from famous fashion influencers. Thanks for sharing these easy and detailed fashion tips for men from apparel to accessories and shoes.

  • J.R Liggins: October 30, 2019

    All of the info I read was spot on. I have observed. these “rules” for most of my life, being an admirer of Astaire ,Cary Grant etc.
    One bit of info that I wasn’t knowledgeable about
    was tie width in conjunction with lapel width.
    Thank you.

  • Will @ Patyrns: June 26, 2019

    @REGINALD BOHANNON: Thanks for the comment! This is a great tip. It definitely helps minimize the wear on the jacket. Cheers!

  • REGINALD BOHANNON: June 26, 2019

    I keep a wooden suit hanger from an old haberdashery (H. Stockton) in my vehicle. Then when I wear a blazer or suit jacket, I hang it up in the back seat rather than wearing it while driving. The funny thing is, I have gotten thumbs ups from people driving by and liking what I will be wearing.

  • Will @ Patyrns: November 19, 2017

    Thanks for the kind words Ed!

  • Ed Ruiz: November 19, 2017

    Hello, Ed here.

    What a cool and nifty list of practical style tips you have put together here. I couldn’t be happier and more honored to be included along all these other men style bloggers I admire.

    Keep it up, you guys are doing a fantastic job!

    All the best,

    Ed Ruiz.

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