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The Gentleman's Guide: What to Wear on Valentine's Day

Posted on 18 January 2017

Whether you love Valentine's Day or not, it is a great time to get together, have fun and show some love.


As a gentleman, one of your many responsibilities is to make your date feel special. One of the ways to do this is to make sure you look your best.


Follow these few tips and you will have your date constantly looking at you with a smile.


Not because you look funny, but because they are truly happy to be with such a stunning person.




Obvious, I know. But a lot of people don't put any effort into their outfit. Take some time to look good for your date and they will appreciate it. At a minimum, you should wear a blazer with jeans and a nice pair of shoes.


Depending on how fancy your date venue is, you may even want to wear a suit. Below are a few example of outfits you can try. You can choose to wear a tie, no tie, or bow tie. Pick one you are comfortable with.




Many men refuse to wear bright colors, but that can't be you. As a man, you can't act like you're too cool to celebrate holidays. Your date wants to see how fun you are. Also, there is something attractive about a man who is comfortable with his masculinity. So go ahead and wear red, pink, and purple. The above pictures give you a few ideas but your options are endless.




Accessories can really make the outfit. Your date will admire your fashion sense and creativity and appreciate the effort. Here are some great additions to your ensemble.


Lapel Pins

As you can see below, you can wear a lapel flower to give your outfit extra detail. Make sure to wear it on the left lapel and try to match the color with another accessory. For V-day, the red rose pin is very fitting!


Pocket Squares

Once practical, now a fashion statement, the pocket square is the gentleman's accessory. Wear a pocket square that compliments your outfit. Avoid buying matching tie and pocket square sets. Use your creativity and fashion sense to match the color of the pocket square with a shirt, neck wear, or even a sweater. Below are a few examples:

Ties & Bow Ties

Depending on the look you are going for, you may want to wear a tie or a bow tie. Here are simply guidelines to follow: If you are wearing a patterned shirt, wear a solid tie or bow tie and if you are wearing a plain shirt, wear a tie that stands out. You can always refer to the images above for inspiration. 


Tie Clips & Cuff Links

If you're going to wear a tie, why not wear a tie clip to keep it in place. If you plan on having a nice sit down dinner, a tie clip will come in handy. Also, if you own a dress shirt with french cuffs, you can add some extra badass-ery to your outfit with cuff links. Unleash the gentleman!

Wrist Wear

Every man should own a minimalist watch. Good brands to look for are Daniel Wellington and MVMT. Their watches are stylish and affordable as you can see below. Additionally, you can bring your wrist game to the next level with men's bracelets. 


Even though they are mostly hidden, they can't be forgotten. Look for socks that make a statement and show your fun side. If your date gets a glimpse of your socks, they won't help but smile :) The socks don't need to match your outfit exactly. Just try to find a pattern that has either red, pink, or purple.  


Hope these tips will contribute to a successful Valentine's Day. If you hate V-Day, maybe looking like a badass will make you enjoy it more. Stay Dapper Folks!






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  • Will @ Patyrns: February 01, 2019

    @NiroFashion: Thanks for the comment!

  • NiroFashion: February 01, 2019

    A wonderful guide for a gentleman who is going to propose to his lady love this valentines day. One should not forget to accessorize their suit especially for valentines day.

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