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Best TV Shows To Watch For Menswear

Posted on 19 October 2017

Don't know about you, but some of the finer things in life that we truly appreciate are: Menswear & TV. There's just nothing like a good tv show and some fine bespoke suits to inspire us. For this reason, we thought we'd share our favorite tv shows for menswear enthusiasts like us. Enjoy!


1. Suits

What do you get when you merge ego, a knack for the finest things in life – including an assortment of single-breasted bespoke suits paired with windsor knotted ties and collared shirts? The answer is Harvey Specter, and when you take away the ego bit, you’re left with Mike Ross. These two class gentlemen star in the popular law drama titled Suits.


2. House of Lies

Like Harvey Specter, Marty Khan the self-immersed go-to-any length management consultant is well invested in bespoke suits. Unlike Harvey, however, Marty always features a complimentary itinerary of eye-popping pocket squares and ties from designers like Tom Ford, Hermes, and Lanvin.



3. Mad Men

Set in the 1960's and following the lives of the advertising agents on Madison Avenue, Don Draper and partners are an embodiment of style in the 20th century complete with the classic American suit – thick in the upper body and tapering off downwards to form a sleek V-shaped silhouette.


4. White Collar

In the scheming and criminal world of White Collar, one man stands tall as chief con-man. It’s hard to miss con-man Neal Caffrey in his impeccably styled suits, luxurious men’s accessories of which a boisterous set of trendy cufflinks, patterned ties, and pocket squares stand out.


5. Blacklist

Raymond Reddington aka Red is a highly elusive criminal mastermind who voluntarily turns himself in and offers to help the FBI. Matching this bad guy turns good guy character, Red is frequently seen in a classic three-piece wearing medallion printed silk ties.


6. The Good Place

As overseer of the Good Place, a haven for people who have been good in their former lives, Michael exudes that charismatic vibe with his eye-catching bow ties and traditional two-piece suits.



7. White Gold

White Gold, set in the 1980’s, revolves around the lives of a triad of window salesmen and their quest to achieve success. Vincent Swan is trendy, suave and ambitious. His lushly colored suits, patterned ties, and swashbuckler shoes do well to depict this mindset.



8. Royal Pains

Hank Lawson is an unfortunate young doctor who was unjustly fired. Despite his tale of misfortune, he starts a new life in the Hampton’s as a concierge doctor with great success. Hank is the star of the show but his brother Evan’s style is hard to ignore. His bold summer outfits (as shown above) truly reflect his fun and exciting personality.


9. Gossip Girl

Eccentric and suave. Two words that best describe Chuck in the scandal-filled plotline of Gossip Girl. Chuck Bass resonates the bad boy aura with classic suits, ties, trendy suspenders, peacoats and the occasional pocket handkerchiefs.


10. How I Met Your Mother

Portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris, Barney Stinson is the class definition of a ladies’ man in the 2005 TV  series How I Met Your Mother. And like most Ladies’ men, Barney is an epitome of slickness with an unquenchable thirst for the most stylish and immaculate two-piece suits.



If there's a tv show we didn't mention and you think deserves to be one the list, let us know by dropping a comment below! 


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