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Best Books for Menswear Enthusiasts

Posted on 14 October 2019

One great way to get ahead in life is reading and it's no different when it comes to men's style. 
Learning from the best in the industry and applying what you learned will have a great impact on your style. So we've put together a list of some of the best books for menswear enthusiasts like us hoping they will have an impact on you like they did on us. 
Happy reading!


The suit is indispensable attire every man should have at the very least one of. It allows us to make a good impression no matter the occasion.
What are the origins, though, of such an icon of elegance and refinement? In The Suit: Form, Function and Style, Christopher Breward, a renowned fashion historian, analyzes the story behind this particular attire.
It takes a deep look at the way it evolved through the centuries, and how it adapted to the different periods of mankind, as well as how social movements and revolutions altered the way it was perceived by society.
This book even encompasses the influence of the iconic garment in the feminist movement when women began adopting it as part of their wardrobe.
Breward’s masterpiece is beautifully illustrated, and offers a new point of view in an already established classic.



The Italian Gentleman is truly a work of art in and of itself, ideal for your coffee table. It’s an informative and massive book, weighing in at six pounds, and was redacted by none other than Frenchman sartorialist Hugo Jacomet.
Hugo wrote a stunning description about the craftsmanship that shaped the italian style and the artisans responsible for it. This detailed description was only possible thanks to Jacomet’s visits to tailoring houses, sartorial brands, factories and shoemakers, which was achieved over three years of travelling across Italy.

The gorgeous pictures featured in The Italian Gentleman were taken by Hugo Jacomet’s personal photographer Lyle, and they add the perfect finishing touches to his masterpiece.



Unsurprisingly, this book is also the creation of Hugo Jacomet, so it’s no wonder it should be just a stunning a volume as his follow-up work.
With over 200 pages and a stunning coffee-table hardcover format, this book allows its readers to take a dream journey across hidden ateliers and small studios, leading up to internationally known brands.

Andy Julia is the photographer, and his work is truly stunning, complimenting Hugo’s writing to perfection. This book is as elegant as the city it focuses on and its long sartorial craftsmanship tradition.



If there is a must-read guide to dress with both taste and style, then Dressing the Man is definitely it.
Alan Flusser offers an almost encyclopedic knowledge on men’s fashion, along with his signature wit, which makes this book a gorgeous and useful guide for those men interested in looking their best in any occasion.
Flusser guides his readers through a detailed description of the different kinds of clothing classifications and offers sound advice on how to find the ideal clothing styles for each silhouette and lifestyle preferences.

This hardcover book features over 320 pages aimed at helping any man achieve elegance and sophistication through its author’s ample experience on the matter.



The handbook of style is a special edition both written and designed by Esquire’s editors. If you are searching for a highly illustrated and stunning approach to a man’s wardrobe, with just a dash of humor, then this is the book for you.
A must-have for all those style-minded readers, The handbook of style not only offers vital information such as tips on how to properly pack for a trip, grooming strategies and info regarding the different fabrics and cuts your ideal suit should feature but it is also an elegant accessory to own, ideal for your coffee table.

It’s best to keep it handy, as the avid sartorialist will use this handbook as a constant source of reference.



Daily rituals are oftentimes taken for granted yet in True style, acclaimed fashion expert Bruce Boyer puts them front and center, placing them under a new light and explaining in stunning detail the history behind our fashion choices.
His work is filled with a delightful witticism and stylish prose, as well as an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the principles and styles of menswear.
Boyer, an author featured in publications such as Esquire, Forbes, the New York Times and many more, has also co-curated exhibitions at the Museum of Fashion Institute and Technology, so he is a respected voice in the world of men’s fashion.

With 272 pages filled with historical insight and sartorial authority, True style features a gorgeous collection of illustrations and photos that will add beauty to an already appealing volume.



Throughout history, fashion styles have inspired men all over the world to dress certain ways and adapt their wardrobe accordingly to their idols.
Icons of Men’s Style takes a sharp, enthralling look at the garments and accessories that influenced fashion throughout history, accompanied by stunning pictures to illustrate each entry.
It also features fascinating information regarding the brand or company behind these movements and how each item altered and influenced modern men’s fashion choices.

Josh Sims, author of Icons of Men’s Style and renowned article writer, puts pictures front and center, understanding to perfection the fundamental role that illustrative examples play in a book such as this one.




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