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Great Gifts for Men under $50

Posted on 29 November 2016

Gift giving is a lot of fun but finding them can be a little more stressful. Especially, if you are last minute or you have run out of inspiration because you buy him gifts every year. It's like we have this pressure to keep our gifts up to par and we want to buy a gift that he will like and will use. Not something that will be thrown in the bottom of a drawer or in the "box of stuff" in the closet. So to make your life easier, here is a small list of things you can buy the men in your life that are actually useful. 




If the person you are gifting has an office job or is a professional like an accountant, lawyer, real estate agent, or banker, a new tie is always a great gift. Plus, wearing a new tie leaves a man feeling energized and refreshed a lot like getting a new haircut. It's like they say, when you look good and feel good, you do good. Who doesn't want to get a gift that has that effect on someone's life?

Below is a great example. You may also view the full collection here.




Not everyone is a bow tie guy. But if you know one, get them a new bow. Since they most likely collect fashion accessories, they will love a new addition to their wardrobe. They won't help but think of you every time they wear it.





Nothing is more stylish than a pocket square! If you know a sharp dresser, get him a cool hanky. One that stands out and adds personality to his outfits. Take this pocket square for example. Everyone will be complementing him and he will thank you for it.




Socks tend to be a common gift for Christmas. But instead of getting him the same socks his grandmother would get him, gift him a pair of fun socks. Our collection of bright colored and patterned socks with bring more joy than Claus himself.

Meet Chief. You can find his friends here. 




If you haven't noticed yet, men's bracelets are in right now. Contribute to a man's wrist game and get him a beaded bracelet like the one below even if he already has one. Trust me, the more he can stack on his wrist the more dapper he will be!





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    wonderful all collection under $50 for Men. Thanks

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