32 Wardrobe Essentials Every Gentleman Needs

32 Wardrobe Essentials Every Gentleman Needs

Agentleman knows how to dress for the occasion and is prepared to do so. When building a wardrobe, it is important to start with the essentials. They are the most versatile and are the foundation of a stylish and functional wardrobe. With them,  outfits can be created for any occasion from formal to casual. Building a great wardrobe takes time and money, however, by starting with quality essentials you will save in the end. 

First up... 

1. Navy Suit

A navy suit is the most versatile garment you can own. Wear it with a white shirt and black shoes for a job interview or board meeting, or dress it down with a denim shirt and loafers for a business-casual day.

2. Medium Gray Suit

Also versatile, a medium gray suit is appropriate for almost any occasion year-round. Wear it with a white or blue shirt and brown shoes for work, or try a colourful patterned shirt and loafers for a wedding or social occasion. 

3. Sportcoat

Every gentleman needs a great go-to sportcoat, for all those times when a full suit isn't required. Look for something in a classic pattern like a glenplaid or windowpane. You want the jacket to work well with the suit trousers, and the shirts and separate trousers we list below.

4. White Dress Shirt

There will definitely come a time when you need to look your best, and you can always depend on a crisp white dress shirt for that. French cuffs are recommended so you can wear cufflinks to formal events and important business meetings.

5. Light Blue Dress Shirt

This is a classic and looks great with the suits and sportcoat shown above. You can wear almost any tie with it as long as the color is darker than the shirt. 

6. Blue Striped Dress Shirt

In addition to the two solid shirts, it's nice to have at least one pattern. This blue striped shirt is just as versatile as the others and can be worn with the suits and sportcoat, and with a solid or patterned tie. 

7. Denim Shirt

A denim shirt is a great way to dress down an otherwise formal outfit to make it business casual. Can be worn with the suits or with the sportcoat and chinos. 

8. Sweater

When the forecast calls for sweater weather, you'll want to own some quality knitwear.  Cable-knit sweaters like this one are the perfect layering piece for fall & winter. Wear them over a dress shirt, or with jeans or chinos for a classic look. On colder days, they can even be layered with the sportcoat and outerwear.

9. Polo

A summer classic, polo shirts look great with a pair of shorts or jeans on weekends, or dressed up with chinos and an unstructured jacket.

10. T-Shirts

Whether with jeans or chinos and even with a suit, plain black or white t-shirts always look good. They are also perfect to wear around the house or when you run errands. Because they are so useful, your wardrobe should have multiples. Two black and two white t-shirts is a good place to start.  To promote sustainability, it is recommended that you buy quality/durable t-shirts that will save you money in the long run. 

11. Gray Trousers

Having an extra pair of trousers other than the ones from your suits allows you to create more outfits and gives your suit trousers a break. A light or medium gray will look good with your suit jackets and sportcoat. 

12. Chinos

Chinos are a classic item that can be worn year-round. This versatile piece will work with everything from a t-shirt or polo to a button-up shirt and sportcoat.

13. Jeans

No wardrobe is complete without some denims. They are perfect for weekend wear and also look great with a sportcoat and loafers for a smart casual look. 

14. Overcoat

When fall and winter come around, you'll need a coat. An overcoat fits nicely over a suit for a classy look and can also be worn more casually with a button-up and jeans.

15. All-Weather Coat

When the weather gets messy, it's important to protect your garments with an all-weather coat like this one.

16. Suede Jacket

You'll also want a lighter jacket for the fall and cooler summer nights. You can't go wrong with a suede jacket like this one.

17. Black Oxfords

Be prepared for formal occasions with a pair of black oxfords. They are timeless and elegant and are the best option for a job interview, gala, or black tie events. 

18. Brown Brogues

It's a good idea to add another pair a dress shoes to your wardrobe. Alternating between pairs will extend the life of your shoes and will add some variety to your outfits. Brown brogues look great with a suit and with jeans for more casual occasions.

19. Loafers

Even more casual and a great summer option, loafers like these look amazing with jeans or chinos.

20. Boots

In the winter, you're going to want boots to keep your feet dry. Chelsea boots are a great choice as they look stylish with a suit and with jeans.

21. Sneakers

The perfect shoe to dress down any outfit even a suit.

22. Navy Silk Tie

A navy tie is a classic and looks good with any suit and dress shirt. A grenadine tie like this one has more texture which makes it even more versatile. 

23. Burgundy Silk Tie

Like the navy tie, burgundy is another color that looks great with most suits. It is easy to style as it won't clash with any patterns you may have in a sportcoat or dress shirt. 

24. Black Silk Bowtie

When it's time to get fancy and you want to feel like James Bond, a classic black bowtie is what you need. Wear it with your navy or gray suit, white dress shirt, cufflinks, and black oxfords for an elegant gentlemanly look.

25. White Pocket Square

When elegance is called upon, a white pocket square will come in handy. Whether for a formal event or a professional meeting, a quarter of an inch of white fabric peeking out of your breast pocket will do wonders.  

26. Wristwatch

Although smartphones have made some people question the utility of wristwatches, they remain a classic accessory when it comes to style. The watch below is a good entry-level option which can be dressed up with a suit or worn casually with a t-shirt or polo. 

27. Cufflinks

Cufflinks are a classic gentleman's accessory. You can wear them to formal events and important meetings or you can wear them more casually with a sportcoat and chinos, up to you. 

28. Belt

When it comes to belts, you have two options. You can buy a reversible belt like below, or you can buy two belts; one black and one brown. As always. match the color of your shoes. 

29. Sunglasses

If you have sensitive eyes like I do, it's dangerous to not have sunglasses. So make sure you own a quality pair. They come in handy when leaving the house on a sunny day.

30. Bag

If you own a laptop you'll probably need to travel with it at some point. You should have a laptop bag like this one. It will look great with your business and smart casual looks. 

31. Umbrella

We've all been caught in the rain without an umbrella before, it sucks. Especially, when you're wearing expensive clothes. It's best that you always be prepared with a classic umbrella like below. One you will actually want to carry around.

32. Fragrance

Last but not least, a gentleman should have a unique scent. We encourage you to try many and find one you like. Below are a few good options. 

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